Metal Siding and Building Maintenance Delaware
Special Projects


Nowland Associates’ Small Projects and Maintenance Division specializes in providing the same high quality work and service you are accustom to regardless of size.  Our team can handle almost anything including small building additions, interior fit-outs, exterior site improvements, carpentry, cabinetry, bathroom renovations, concrete work, roofing repairs and replacements, and exterior envelope services just to name a few.

Metal Siding and Building Maintenance Delaware


You have a lot invested in your facility and count on it to keep your business running. Protect your asset, and your business, with Nowland's Maintenance Services.

Backed by eightly plus years of experience building and maintaining commercial facilities of all types and complexities.

Metal Siding and Building Maintenance Delaware


Our Special Projects Team can take care of all your small and unique projects.

With the ability to share resources with our commercial construction company, you can bank on professional results, with attention to detail that meets our own high standards for quality and value.

Metal Siding and Building Maintenance Delaware


A qualified Nowland Maintenance Services representative inspects every aspect of your facility.

Using our 175-point assessment, we examine everything including the building envelope, structural framework, site conditions, sidewalks and building access.

Proactively address potential maintenance issues before they become real problems.

Metal Siding and Building Maintenance Delaware


We create custom maintenance reports outlining all findings, prioritized into an easy-to-read and executable action plan.

Maintenance items are categorized according to severity and cost to repair. Recommendations will be outlined in your personalized report to help you minimize downtime and avoid potential health and safety risks.

Exterior Specialties

Asphalt Paving | Canopies | Catch Basins | Caulking | Concrete | Curbs | Grading | Accessibility Ramps | Landscaping | Pipe Bollards | Retaining Walls | Security Fencing & Gates | Sidewalks | Signage | Site Drainage | Site Lighting | Stormwater Structures


French Drains | Plumbing Fixtures | Toilet Room Accessories | Trench Drains

Doors & Windows

Caulking | Commercial Entrances | Door Hardware | Framed Openings | Hollow Metal Frames | Loading Dock Equipment | Overhead Doors | Window Installation & Repair


Caulking | Core Drilling | Equipment Pads & Ramps | Floor Patching | Loading Docks | Sawing & Cutting | Sump Pits | Walls & Wall Openings

Life Safety

Emergency Lighting | Fire Extinguishers | Panic Hardware


Coatings | Curbs | Drains | Duct Supports | EPDM & TPO Roofing | Fall Protection | Flashing Replacement | Gutters & Downspouts | Metal Roofing | Parapets | Railings | Composite Shingle Roofs | Skylights | Snow Guards | Solar | Walkways


Brick Veneer | Cavity Drainage Systems | Concrete Masonry Units | Lintels | Stone Veneer | Weather Proofing


Cooling Towers | Conveying Equipment | Mechanical Equipment | Overhead Cranes | Process Equipment | Roof Top Units

Interior Specialties

Cabinetry | Carpentry | Ceiling Repairs | Flooring | Mezzanines | Painting | Offices Renovations | Temporary Walls | Dust Barriers | Wall Protection