Kate’s Place Retail Space & Apartments

image009Nowland Associates, Inc. is helping revitalize the look of Newark’s Main Street with an ambitious two-part redevelopment Project. In keeping with the City of Newark’s long-term goals for the Main Street central business district, Nowland Associates’ is bringing both new retail and housing to the area.

The first building, fronting East Main Street and immediately west of Klondike Kate’s will be a new four-story building that will have several retail shops and a new bank branch occupying the first floor and will include twenty-two two-bedroom apartments on the upper floors. It will replace the vacant buildings where Gecko Fashions, Cat’s Eye Hair Salon, and the Marine recruiting office were located.

The new stores will embrace the latest developments in retail technology and are expected to feature a number of self-service kiosk options. Research consistently shows that the majority of retail customers prefer using self-service technology to engaging with store associates. It is thought that checking out using a self-service kiosk is much quicker than the alternative and these types of kiosks are therefore ideal for customers shopping in a hurry.

A notable feature of the building will be its step-back look; there will be three floors in the front and four in the rear. The rear of the building is being elevated to accommodate twenty-one covered public parking spaces, which will be controlled by the City of Newark.

image010Around the corner on Choate Street, demolition has started on the former Casablanca Restaurant, which will be razed in order to make room for a 7,000-square-foot building consisting of five, three-story townhouses. The townhouses will each have four bedrooms and attached garages.

Both of these projects were carefully and closely evaluated in terms of their impact on downtown traffic and parking; the compatibility with existing downtown buildings in terms of design, scale and intensity of development; the contribution to the quality of the downtown economic environment; and potential significant negative impacts on nearby established businesses and residential neighborhoods.