COVID-19 Update From Nowland Associates

COVID-19As the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, continues to spread and impact our lives & business, it’s important that we stay informed, be prepared, but do not panic.  We want to ensure you that we have been, and will continue to, closely monitor the recommendations and restrictions that are available to us from the CDC (Center for Disease Control), state & local governments, our customers, and other entities that impact our business.   We will continue to schedule and adjust our workforce as things change and as conditions warrant.  As of this time, our office and job sites remain open, with heightened precautions in place for limiting the spread of the virus.

We have consulted with the CDC and other organizations regarding our preventative procedures and preparedness plans.  They are an excellent source for fact sheets, check lists & other guidance.  You may want to visit the CDC website for updated information during these continuously changing times.  Meanwhile, please practice healthy behaviors such as staying at home when sick, covering coughs and sneezes, and washing hands thoroughly and frequently.

Some other practices that we have put into place and are implementing include:

  • Canceling company related travel and attendance at large group gatherings.
  • Cancel unnecessary meetings with vendors, suppliers & others from outside our office that are not essential to our everyday business and in keeping current projects moving.
  • Our facilities have been recently and thoroughly cleaned, and we ask that all jobsites be kept to the highest practical level of cleanliness by removing trash and wiping surfaces regularly.
  • We continue to clean frequently touched surfaces and objects such as door handles, knobs, appliances, etc. throughout the work day.
  • Filters in our HVAC systems are maintained frequently. We request that all jobsites be well ventilated and make maximum use of fans and exhaust measures that are available.
  • Supplies such as soap, hand sanitizer, tissues & other cleaning items have been made available throughout our facilities.
  • We require anyone feeling sick or having symptoms of the flu stay home and report their illness

We understand that schools are closing, requiring care givers to adjust their schedules.  We also understand that it may become necessary for self-imposed or otherwise mandated quarantines. In such events we will be flexible in our leave policies.  Although the work of our business is limited in what can be effectively performed off site, we will support remote working when appropriate and warranted.

Communication during this time is very important, and we will therefore continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated if there are any changes or disruptions to our business.