Company Overview

company-overviewWith a staff of construction project managers, on-site superintendents, estimators, engineers, architects and skilled craftsmen, Nowland Associates can successfully and professionally manage your project from conception to completion. We offer a complete line of construction services and our team has the ability to assist you with every phase of the construction process – from site selection and development to building design, budgeting and construction, and even post occupancy issues and facility maintenance.

Trust in Our Reputation

Through 80+ years of experience, we have found that the most important aspect of any successful construction project is to partner with a team you can trust, that has integrity, and will work with you to achieve your goals.

It’s this principal that separates Nowland Associates from the rest of the field, and it’s why we are known as one of the region’s most reputable construction companies. We treat every project as though it was our own – just like our father and grandfather have done from the very beginning.

Choose the Approach and Services That Work for Your Project

At the outset, Nowland Associates will provide invaluable insight from a master builder’s viewpoint, informed and complemented by our stable of design and construction professionals. We know communication is vital to the success of any project and our team works together with you to accomplish your unique goals.

Through this team approach, potential problems are worked out well before construction ever begins, saving you time and money. We pride ourselves on cultivating harmonious relationships with the entire project team, leading to satisfied repeat customers.

What are the benefits of partnering with Nowland Associates?

A unified approach: As a committed full- service construction company, we strongly believe it’s in the best interest of our clients to hire the right design and construction team right from the start. Choose Nowland, and you’ll watch your project unfold smoothly, with everyone working together to represent your unique interests. An integrated team made up of builder, architect, engineers and consultants working from the onset of the project means you can be ensured of team harmony – and a better final project.

Knowledge built on experience: Our expertise comes from three generations and more than 70 years of work in the industry. Nowland Associates has worked on a wide range of projects big and small through the years and hundreds throughout the region.

Accurate cost analysis: Nowland provides accurate cost assessments throughout the design process. Engage with us early and avoid budget overruns and design creep that can lead to a need for value engineering. Don’t be surprised at the end, get it right… right from the start.

Quality control: Nowland employs full-time, on-site construction superintendents, and professional project managers, in an effort to provide an additional level of quality control and protection throughout the construction process. We staff our own field labor force to ensure consistency and high standards, and self-perform carpentry, concrete work, structural steel, and metal building systems construction. With that being said, our metal building cost plans are competitive so we are able to accommodate the different price ranges of our clients. And you can also trust our long-established ties with reputable local suppliers and sub-contractors.

Timely occupancy: You will benefit from a team of highly experienced managers with a track record of completing jobs on schedule. Having our own staff of field personnel and complete fleet of construction equipment, we are able to commit the resources necessary to get the job done.

Faster financing: With our concise approach to the construction process and earlier occupancy, you often receive the benefit of converting to permanent financing earlier, helping to reduce high interest costs on interim construction loans.

We put safety first: At Nowland Associates safety comes first. Our family of Associates is our most valuable asset and we work diligently to make every jobsite a safe place to work. With a full-time safety coordinator and a comprehensive health and safety program, you can be assured that our emphasis on safety extends deep into our company culture. We routinely conduct jobsite inspections, contract with third-party safety consultants, undergo routine safety training, and comply with all Federal and State safety regulations. Preventing hazards before they occur is our number one priority which is why we continually strive to improve.