Nowland Celebrates 75 Years

Thank you to all of our clients, co-workers, and colleagues who attended our 75th anniversary party at the Chateau Bu-De Winery. You helped make it an evening we will never forget, and we are thankful and humbled to know each of you. Because of your support, our family business is fortunate to have achieved something that very few others have, and we are truly grateful. So cheers to 75 years! We look forward to your continued friendship, and celebrating with you … [Read more...]

Clearing the Air on Crystalline Silica

Crystalline silica is a common mineral in the earth's crust, and is found in many types of rock including sand, quartz, and granite. Silica is present in both work and non-work environments, and exposure to crystalline silica dust has long been known to cause a disease called silicosis. When you inhale crystalline silica the lung tissue reacts by developing fibrous tissue around trapped silica particles. This condition of the lung is called silicosis. Due to the extensive use of concrete and … [Read more...]

Your eyes are your most important tools – Protect them!

A carpenter asked his insurance company to pay for damage to his glass eye. It had been broken when a nail he was driving flew up and struck it. When asked how he had lost his own eye in the first place, he replied: "The same way, a nail hit it." A world of darkness awaits this man if a nail strikes his remaining good eye. He has yet to appreciate the need for eye protection. You, yourself, may find it difficult to get accustomed to wearing eye protection, but would getting accustomed to … [Read more...]

Beat the Heat This Summer

The long, hot days of summer will be here before we know it. In fact, most of the United States is expected to be hotter than normal June through August 2017, according to the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center. That means heat safety should be top priority in any industrial work environment. To keep your talent safe and productive, employers must educate employees and supervisors alike about the potential dangers of heat stress and heat stroke. Managing the … [Read more...]

Get in the Hard Hat Habit

The average safety hard hat weighs about 14 ounces. The average man's head weighs 14 pounds. So there's an ounce of safety for every pound of head - provided the head protection is properly worn and maintained. The brain is the control center of the body. The slightest damage to any part of the brain will cause malfunction of some area of the body. The skull, under normal circumstances, protects the brain. But when a possibility of injury from falling or flying objects exists, additional … [Read more...]

Fire Prevention… the HOT Topic This Month

This may sound like a contradiction, but the problem with fire prevention on a construction site is the absence of a problem. Fires do not occur with frequency or regularity and therefore workers are not particularly concerned about them. Another word for this is complacency, an environment in which danger grows and thrives. It is extremely difficult to motivate some one to take an active interest in fire prevention when the person has never been involved in a serious fire and when they face … [Read more...]

Awards Night at National Sales Meeting

Nowland Associates was awarded several awards at the Star Building Systems National Sales Meeting in Cancun, Mexico.  Congratulations to all of the award winners for some great projects.   … [Read more...]

National Sales Meeting

The 2017 Star Building Systems national sales meeting is off and running in Cancun, Mexico. A great time to reconnect with old and new friends, and to stay up to speed with the latest trends in the steel building industry. … [Read more...]

Planning for an Emergency on the Jobsite

As creatures of habit, people sometimes do things "routinely" without thinking about them. Remember your routine this morning? Did you go through the motions without much thought? At work, do you take the same path "automatically?" This is not necessarily wrong, because your routines often save time and energy. But when it comes to emergency situations involving escape and evacuation, people tend to use the most familiar route too. Sometimes that route may not be the best way to escape. To … [Read more...]

Safe Use of LP Gas Salamander Heaters

L P gas salamander heaters can be very useful for providing temporary heating on job sites, particularly when the size or location of the site makes other heaters impractical. They are ideal for heating because the salamander is equipped with adjustable valves and regulators making it easier to control the heat source and quantity of gases. While these heaters can be very helpful to us for heating the work area, it is important that common sense precautions be taken to prevent fires or … [Read more...]